Hedwig Fassbender - Singer/Professor/Coach STUDENTS IN MY CLASS AT THE HFMDK FRANKFURT BETWEEN 1999 AND 2017: Jana Baumeister . Kateryna Kasper . Maren Favela . Katharina Magiera . Ruzan Mantashyan . Marie Seidler . Judith Christ . Sandrine Droin . Sebastian Kohlhepp . Gurgen Baveyan . Johannes Weiß . Björn Bürger . Esther Dierkes . Stine Marie Fischer . Sofia Pavone . Gustavo Quaresma . Samantha Gaul . Christos Pelekanos . Katharina Kutsch . Marie Smolka . Tamara Weimerich . Themis Basdekis . Nohad Becker . Miroslav Stricevic . Keith Bernhard Stonum Ulrike Malotta . Jennifer Kressmann . Marian Müller . Linda Sommerhage . Amadeu Tasca . Martha Luise Jordan Jolana Slavikova . Andrea Cueva Molnar . Julian Habermann . Ekaterina Aleksandrova ...



















                                                     Photo: Barbara Aumüller


Hedwig Fassbender is one of the most successful singing teachers of her generation:

As PROFESSOR OF VOICE she taught at the faculty of the Frankfurt Conservatory  from 1999-2017 and was director of the voice faculty from 2001-2011, when the vocal department received the price for Excellency in innovative teaching method in a university environment from the state of Hessen. Many promising singers of the young generation have studied in her class: Björn Bürger, Jana Baumeister, Gurgen Baveyan, Nohad Becker, Esther Dierkes, Samantha Gaul, Stine Marie Fischer, Maren Favela, Sebastian Kohlhepp, Kateryna Kasper, Katharina Magiera, Ruzan Mantashyan, Sofia Pavone, Marie Seidler,  Johannes Weiss....

Full list of Alumni can be found here



...might be a solution if you would like:

- to prepare a Fach-Change

- to learn how to live with "your new body" after pregnancy

- to get out of uncomfortable technical situations

- or simply to maintain your good vocal disposition


TEACHING LANGUAGES: German, English, French and Italian



Hedwig Fassbender has been invited to share her know-how in masterclasses for the "Atelier Lyrique" at Paris Opera, International Opera Studio in Zürich (IOS), the Hannover Opera Studio, the Young  Artists Program at the Bolshoi Theatre Moscow, the Opera Academy of the Polish National Opera (Teatr Wielki) and the Frankfurt Opera Studio.

She founded and is the artistic director of "Exzellenz-Labor Gesang", an innovative and very successful format of masterclass which will be held for the 5th time in 2018 (www.gesangslabor.de).


CONTACT: hf@hedwig-fassbender.de


Please note: if you are enrolled as a student, please talk to your teacher before contacting me, thank you!