Hedwig Fassbender - Singer/Professor/Coach  IOS ZÜRICH . ATELIER LYRIQUE OPERA DE PARIS . YOUNG ARSTISTS BOLSHOI . OPERNSTUDIO HANNOVER . OPERNSTUDIO FRANKFURT . YOUNG ARTIST PROGRAM TEATR WIELKI STUDENTS IN MY CLASS AT THE HFMDK FRANKFURT BETWEEN 1999 AND 2017: Jana Baumeister . Kateryna Kasper . Maren Favela . Katharina Magiera . Ruzan Mantashyan . Marie Seidler . Judith Christ . Sandrine Droin . Sebastian Kohlhepp . Gurgen Baveyan . Johannes Weiß . Björn Bürger . Esther Dierkes . Stine Marie Fischer . Sofia Pavone . Gustavo Quaresma . Samantha Gaul . Christos Pelekanos . Katharina Kutsch . Marie Smolka . Tamara Weimerich . Themis Basdekis . Nohad Becker . Miroslav Stricevic . Keith Bernhard Stonum Ulrike Malotta . Jennifer Kressmann . Marian Müller . Linda Sommerhage . Amadeu Tasca . Martha Luise Jordan Jolana Slavikova . Andrea Cueva Molnar . Julian Habermann . Ekaterina Aleksandrova ...








I have always liked teaching and was

a professor at the HfMDK in Frankfurt for 18 years

after having taught at the Konservatorium

Winterthur for 5 years.

In order to have more time for masterclasses,

coaching and singing, I decided to end

my contract at the HfMDK in summer 2017

and am now enjoying the new freedom.





                                                                                                   Photo: Barbara Aumüller



MASTERCLASSES: Atelier Lyrique Opéra de Paris, Zürich Opera Studio (IOS), Young Artists Bolshoi, Junge Oper Hannover, Opernstudio Frankfurt, Young Artist Program Teatr Wielki, Warschau...




...might be a solution if you would like:

- to prepare a Fach-Change

- to get out of uncomfortable technical situations

- to maintain your good vocal shape



TEACHING LANGUAGES: German, English, French and Italian



CONTACT: hf@hedwig-fassbender.de


Please note: if you are enrolled as a student, please talk to your teacher before contacting me, thank you!