Hedwig Fassbender - Singer/Professor/Coach


Masterclasses 2018


June 14 - 23, Académie Villecroze:

Exzellenz-Labor Gesang //LIED/MÉLODIE

"The Finishing Touch" - prepare your competition

Style, Concepts of Recitals,  Duo-Training

for Singers, Pianists and Duos

Hedwig Fassbender (artistic director) / Anne Le Bozec /

Götz Payer / Mathias Hermann

Académie Villecroze


August 16 - 26, Musikakademie Weikersheim:

Exzellenz-Labor Gesang //OPER ®

"The Finishing Touch" - prepare your season

Style, Mental Training, Audition Training

for Singers and Correpetitors

Anette Berg / Hedwig Fassbender (artistic director) /

Umberto Finazzi / René Massis / Fausto Nardi





MASTERCLASSES for Operastudios: Atelier Lyrique Opéra de Paris, Opera-Studio Zürich (IOS), Young Artists Bolshoi Moscow, Junge Oper Hannover, Opernstudio Frankfurt, Young Artist Program Teatr Wielki Warszawa...



...might be a solution if you would like:

- to prepare a Fach-Change

- to get out of an uncomfortable technical situation

- to maintain your good vocal shape


TEACHING LANGUAGES: German, English, French and Italian



CONTACT: hedwig-fassbender@t-online.de


Please note: if you are enrolled as a student, please talk to your teacher before contacting me, thank you!